The Gate of Hades

Pluto’s Gate discovered: The Plutonium Gates of Hell found in the Ancient City of Hierapolis. Rossetti, Dante Gabriel. Proserpina. 1873-1877. Tate Gallery, London. Wikipedia. Web. 28 November 2012.   Persephone and The Underworld   Advertisements

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The Black Paintings of Goya: Saturn

Saturn Eating His Own Children Goya 1819–1823. Oil mural transferred to canvas, 143cm x 81cm. Museo del Prado, Madrid “Goya’s version of the myth, if indeed it has any relation whatsoever to Saturn, makes no allowance for anything but madness and ferocity.” Fred Licht, from his book Goya, published by Abbeville Press 2001, page 220 This painting […]

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Zoe Kaylor aka Betty X is a Seattle based multi-media performance artist that recently relocated to Austin, Texas. She specializes in guerilla art happenings, video art installations, spoken word and audio noise (art metal to industrialized jazz). She founded Seattle’s first punk cabaret Salon Betty and dark “death lounge” Satan in High Heels. She holds two degrees in the Fine /Performing Arts  from Cornish College of the Arts.

She is currently working on her new Religious Reich video art spoken word/performance piece scheduled for an upcoming tour and also working on Memoirs of a Pain Junkie, a fictitious autobiography of  her stage persona Betty X.  It is loosely based on Betty living in Seattle during the 90’s rock scene.

You may contact her at: or

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